About Valley Maid

Green cleaning supplies

At Valley Maid we are committed to providing high quality green cleaning services for families and businesses throughout the Valley. We opted to go green from the start because we believe a clean indoor environment should be a healthy indoor environment. This means we use only products that are safe for you, your family, your guests and your pets.

Green Cleaning from Valley Maid isn’t just about green products. It’s about using cleaning methods that prevent cross-contamination and improve air quality. We use 2-3 fresh mop heads for each room or surface that requires mopping. We use different color-coded microfibers to dust and clean each surface and room of your home. This ensures that the germs we remove from your kitchen aren’t simply carried to your bathroom on a dirty cloth, mop or feather duster.

To improve air quality we use hypoallergenic HEPA vacuums that capture 99.7% of dust, bacteria, mold spores and dander and prevent them from being reintroduced into your home. You can trust Valley Maid to give you sparkling clean home without the harmful chemical residues.

We always offer:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Professionally trained employees
  • Affordable, reliable, and thorough service

Valley Maid is a licensed, bonded & insured professional cleaning company.

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  • We were very pleased with the work of Holly and Shea on Saturday. They were both very nice and worked swiftly and efficiently and did a great job.

  • Isabel and Francis were professional, nice, so respectful of everything in our home, and did the most amazing job. My bathrooms are spotless as is everything else. As I mentioned to you, it is getting hard for my husband and I to do our floors, so I was especially looking forward to having them cleaned and they look wonderful. I am so impressed with Valley Maid, and grateful that you provide service to Black Canyon City.

  • Thanks for the cleaning today. Probably the best house cleaners I have ever used, and my mom did it for a living. I plan to use them again the next time.

    -Happy House Tenent
  • The lady did a geat job! I would rate her and the performance a 10.

  • Ed, The house is spotless. The girls did such a great job. I am exptremely please with their work, their communication, and their customer service. Looking forward to having them back out next month.

  • Ed, My home is sparkling clean! I really like the lady that came today. I want them out every month from now on.

  • Everything went well. I liked both ladies, and would like to have them back.

    -Vickie B.
  • The girls did a great job today. I can't believe they can get it all finished in that amount of time.

    -Ellen B.
  • Ed, the two ladies that came out did a wonderful job, love it. I will be requesting them for my next cleaning.

  • Ed, I am glad you contacted me, I planned to call you today – service was well above my expectations. The three women who were here were professional and conscientious. Your company is well represented by your employees. I would be very interested in scheduling an ongoing service. Please forward a breakdown for a 3 week cycle and a once a month fee schedule so I may compare. Have a great day.

  • Yes, my wife and I were very happy with the cleaning your folks did for us last week. At this time I will probably be looking at having them come back out on March 16th if that is possible for another couple hours.

    -Mark S.
  • I absolutely love Isabel and Maria! They are so warm and friendly and they just fit in so well in my home. The detail that they pay attention to every time they come over amazes me each week they are here. Please thank them for me and tell them they are doing an amazing job!

    -Cathy W.
  • Ed, The ladies did a great job on my home. I am very pleased with the way things were done and how clean everything turn out... its like a brand new home! Isabel and Maria were very nice, polite, and fun to be around. I hope that they both return to clean my house the next time around. Thanks for everything, and lets schedule the next cleaning! Regards,

  • This is a great company. They are very responsive and willing to spend the time you need to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great cleaning company.

  • Thank you for the follow up Ed! They did a fantastic job and I can't think of anything that was missed or could be done better.

  • "I wanted to let you know that I was VERY impressed with the job your ladies did today. It was the best cleaning job I have seen in a long time." -Merrianne

  • "Ed — I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the cleaning of my house. When I walked in and asked my wife if the house was cleaned, she said yes. My first thoughts were no way because I did not smell any chemicals. It is now obvious why people who have there homes cleaned should go with Valley Maid. ORGANIC SAFE CLEAN. I am proud to say my house was "CLEANED-GREEN" thank you." -John S.

  • "Ed, I got home at 11 last nite, I was dead tired and thinking about all the work ahead of me before bed - I was very cranky. However, when I walked into my home...my gorgeously clean and sparkling home I was so delighted that all crankiness just vanished. It was a delight to sit in my clean office and get some work done. Thank you so much to you and your team. Mark and I look forward to being a long time customer. See you later in May. Thank You," -Traci

  • Thanks Ed, I am really happy with the service and effort that you put into your Company! Thank you for the reminder. A very satisfied customer.

    -Scott K