At Valley Maid We Are Committed to Cleaning for Health.

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Standard cleaning products are often toxic and can be hazardous for your health, your family, and your pets. Long term exposure to many standard cleaning chemicals may lead to a wide variety of health problems including asthma, allergies, and cancer. That's why Valley Maid opted to Go Green from the start!

Although supermarket isles are saturated with green labeled products that are safe for the environment, there are no government standards for Green products. You might assume that if it's safe for the environment, it's safe for people, right? Wrong. Google the words “bleach and environment” and you will be surprised. Bleach is environmentally safe, but not safe to inhale. Natural products such as peanut, wheat, and dairy products could cause sever allergic reaction to some people and pets.

What is Green Cleaning?

Simply put, Green Cleaning is cleaning for health by improving indoor air quality.

Improving indoor air quality can't be achieved by the use of green cleaning products alone. At Valley Maid we developed a 4 step system for Green Cleaning that is a vital part of improved indoor air quality.

  1. We started with the highest standards in the industry, using only “Green Seal Certified” products. Green Seal Certified products go through a stringent testing process to ensure they are environmentally friendly and safe for people and pets.
  2. We use HEPA vacuums with hypoallergenic bags. Typical vacuums spew dust and allergens back into the air, lowering your indoor air quality and affecting the health of your family and pets. Our HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums with self sealed hypoallergenic bags are radically different. HEPA vacuums capture 99.7% of dust, bacteria, mold spores and dander and prevent them from being reintroduced back into your home. When the sealed bag is full,we simply remove and dispose.
  3. We use color-coded microfibers: green microfiber cloth for bathrooms, yellow for general dusting, and blue for glass and mirrors. This prevents cross contamination.
  4. We use 2-3 freshly sanitized mop heads for each room in your home to clean your floors. We never double dip the mop pad; once it's soiled, we use fresh one. This results in shiny clean floors and a significantly reduced chance that germs or bacteria might transfer from room to room or to be brought into your home.

You can trust Valley Maid to give you sparkling clean home without the harmful chemical residues.

That's what Green Cleaning is all about.

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